CS Bachelor Project and Thesis

.my-table tbody tr:nth-child(odd) { background: #eee; } About Course: Project Computer Science (CA10-320305) Course: Thesis Computer Science (CA10-320306) Semester: Fall 2017 Semester: Spring 2018 Instructor: Peter Baumann Instructor: Andreas Birk Instructor: Horst Karl Hahn Instructor: Herbert Jaeger Instructor: Kinga Lipskoch Instructor: Jürgen Schönwälder Instructor: Michael Sedlmair Prerequisites: Two CS core modules passed Timeline Activity Deadline Introduction 2017-09-11 (Monday) Project topic/supervisor selection (campus track) 2017-09-18 (Monday) Project topic/supervisor selection (world track) 2018-02-02 (Friday) Presentations 2018-05-14 (Monday) Presentations 2018-05-15 (Tuesday) Bachelor thesis submission 2018-05-16 (Wednesday) Materials Doing research in computer science usually starts with a lot of reading and learning.

Computer Science Guided Research (2015)

Guided Research Timeline Introduction 2014-09-08 (Monday) Topic selection 2014-10-01 (Wednesday) Proposal submission 2014-12-05 (Friday) (Proposal submission 1) 2015-03-08 (Sunday) Thesis submission 2015-05-10 (Sunday) Presentations 2015-05-13 (Wednesday) Presentations 2015-05-15 (Friday) Guided Research Materials How to become a guided researcher in CS (pdf) BSc Template (LaTeX) BSc Template (BibTeX) BSc Logo (pdf) BSc Template (pdf) Guided Research Proposal The preparation of the Guided Research Proposal is the first half of your thesis work.