World IPv6 Day @ Jacobs University

Yesterday, on June 8th, we enjoyed the World IPv6 Day. Here is how the IPv6 traffic changed during the day (measured on the tunnel connecting Jacobs' IPv6 network to the German research network).

Apparently, some very popular web sites like Google and Facebook turned off IPv6 right after the day again. This is probably not so good news… For comparison purposes, here is a plot showing all traffic (IPv4 and IPv6) going in and out of Jacobs University around the World IPv6 Day.

This plot indicates that we carried a significant portion of our traffic over IPv6 during the World IPv6 Day. Note that the event took place when most of our undergraduate students had already left our campus.

The plot above shows the longer term impact of the IPv6 day. While some sites apparently turned off IPv6 support once the event was over, there is also good news since our IPv6 traffic remains at significantly higher levels. Obviously some sites used by our users left IPv6 turned on. We will try to keep an eye on this to see whether this is stable over longer terms or increases or decreases over time.