International IPv6 Application Contest 2011

Our group applied to participate in the "International IPv6 Application Contest 2011" held by the German IPv6 Council. According to the official page of the Council: "The objectives of this contest are the generation of ideas and applications, which help determine how to introduce IPv6, the Internet of the next generation, on a large scale and use it effectively. The contest also provides an opportunity for the next generation of application developers to gain experience with IPv6." In accordance with the motto of the contest: "Online on the Road - the new IPv6 Standard as driving forces for mobile communication", our group submitted a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) implementation for constrained devices, using the 6LoWPAN adaptation layer for IEEE 802.15.4 wireless links. The implementation carries SNMP messages over UDP/IPv6.

The SNMP implementation was wrapped with a number of components to produce a WattsApp telemetry platform. The platform demonstrates remote monitoring of sensor readings. It consists of a hardware interface to read data from S0 metering interfaces that is connected to an exporter running Contiki SNMP. A data collector is collecting meter readings and interfacing to a cloud server. The cloud server provides user authentication (via Facebook) and interfaces with a web front end as well as an Android application. All components of the Contiki SNMP telemetry application communicate via IPv6. The platform allows for easy integration of collected data into Facebook, therefore fostering a discussion on efficient energy usage, saving techniques and spreading the awareness of power consumption by different appliances in everyday life. The platform extends to many other fields of everyday activities like sports, leisure, appliances and utilities monitoring, making monitoring of "things around us" more social. A video explaining the ideas behind WattsApp can be found on Vimeo.

The implementation was possible due to the efforts of Advanced Distributed Systems Lab students, CNDS group members and several external affiliates.

Please consult the following two brochures for more information about the telemetry platform and the SNMP implementation. Let's wait for the results of the selection process in one month! :)