Student Thesis Topics (2023)

I will supervise BSc thesis projects in Spring 2023. Since I have limited supervision capacity, I typically take the first N students following more or less a first-come, first-served strategy. I like to form clusters of students working on related topics, and I organize weekly (online) meetings with the clusters. We use a collaborative note taking tool to track progress. The work itself is taking place in two phases. In the first phase, students will dive into the state of the art of their topic, and they produce a start of the art report. I will review these reports and provide feedback. In the second phase, students focus on their own contribution, and they will write their thesis. The thesis naturally builds on the state of the art report. Before submitting the thesis, students have to present and defend their work. The seminar grade is given for the presentation and the active participation in the weekly meetings. The thesis grade is given for the thesis report and the technical accomplishments.

If you are interested in systems-oriented computer science and computer security, either talk to me in person or schedule an online meeting. I expect that students have a solid understanding of operating systems and computer networks or computer security. I also expect that students are capable to handle programming tasks well and that they can work independently.

I will post topic ideas below, but I am also open to discuss topics that you want to suggest, as long as I feel qualified to supervise work on the topic.