Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schönwälder

Jürgen Schönwälder obtained his MSc and PhD degree in computer science from the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany, in 1990 and 1996 respectively. Since 2003, he is professor of computer science at Jacobs University Bremen. His research interests include network management, network measurement, network security, and distributed systems.

For more details, visit his personal home page. Some statistics (of different levels of accuracy) about his academic work can be found in the following locations:

PhD Students (Supervisor)

  • Abhilash Hota, Jacobs University, (PhD TBD)
  • Vaibhav Bajpai, Jacobs University (PhD 2016)
    “Understanding the Impact of Network Infrastructure Changes using Large-Scale Measurement Platforms”
  • Anuj Sehgal, Jacobs University (unfinished)
    “Underwater Communication and Internet of Things”
  • Nikolay Melnikov Jacobs University (unfinished)
  • Iyad Tumar, Jacobs University (PhD 2010)
    “Resource Management of Disruption Tolerant Networks”
  • Ha Manh Tran, Jacobs University (PhD 2009)
    “Distributed Case-based Reasoning”

PhD Students (Committee Member)

  • David Black, Jacobs University Bremen (PhD 2019)
    “Auditory Display for Image-Guided Medical Interventions”
  • Luuk Hendriks, University of Twente (PhD 2019)
    “Measuring IPv6 Resilience and Security”
  • Petr Velan, Masaryk University (PhD 2018)
    “Application-Aware Flow Monitoring”
  • Jair Santanna, University of Twente (PhD 2017)
    “DDoS as a Service: Investigating Booter Websites”
  • Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, University of Twente (PhD 2017)
    “Improving DNS Security: A Measurement-Based Approach”
  • Anthéa Mayzaud, Université de Lorraine (PhD 2016)
    “Monitoring and Security for the RPL-based Internet of Things”
  • Misbah Uddin, KTH Stockholm (PhD 2016)
    “A Bottom-Up Approach to Real-Time Search in Large Networks and Clouds”
  • Ronny Klauck, Technical University Cottbus (PhD 2016)
    “Seamless Integration of Smart Objects into the Internet using XMPP and mDNS/DNS-SD”
  • Jörg Jung, University of Potsdam (PhD 2015)
    “Efficient Credit based Server Load Balancing”
  • Anna Sperotto, Univeristy of Twente (PhD 2010)
    “Flow-Based Intrusion Detection”
  • Hamed Bastani, Jacobs University (PhD 2009)
    “Spatial Positioning with Wireless Chirp Spread Spectrum Ranging”
  • Kyrre Begnum, University of Oslo / Oslo University College (PhD 2008)
    “Towards Autonomic Management in System Administration”
  • Hrishikesh Venkataraman, Jacobs University (PhD 2007)
    “Performance Analysis of Multihop Wireless Networks”
  • Elmar Ludwig, University of Osnabrück (PhD 2006)
    “Multi-threaded User Interfaces in Java”
  • Martijn N. Rooker, Jacobs University (PhD 2005)
    “Communicative Exploration - A Multi-Robot Exploration Approach”

Master Students

Bachelor Students

  • Oana Miron (BSc 2019?)
  • John Eric Alexander von Rosen (BSc 2019)
    “From Smooth Jazz to Death Metal: The Sonification of Computer Networks”
  • Mohit Shrestha (BSc 2019)
    “OpenWrt LuCI Support for the LMAP Daemon”
  • Matius Sulung Chairani (BSc 2019)
    “Towards More Practical Lightweight Post-quantum Remote Attestation for Embedded Devices”
  • Malte Aaron Granderath (BSc 2019)
    “An Implementation of the RESTCONF Protocol for OpenWrt”
  • Milen Asenov Vitanov (BSc 2019)
    “An Evaluation of the eXpress Data Path”
  • Majorka Thanasi (BSc 2019)
    “Secure Computing and System Call Filtering with eBPF”
  • Sahil Mehta (BSc 2019)
    “Examining Time-to-Live Values of DNS Resource Records Resolving to Content Delivery Networks”
  • Baris Demirel (BSc 2019)
    “Analysis of Content Delivery Networks Popularity Evolution Using DNS Records”
  • Frenci Rakipi (BSc 2018)
    “Generating IPv6 Target Addresses”
  • Giorgi Eliava (BSc 2018)
    “Integration of Large-Scale Measurement Platform Daemon with the Sysrepo Daemon”
  • Berk Dikici (BSc 2018)
    “IP Forwarding Resilience in ONOS”
  • Bishwa Kranti Thapa (BSc 2018)
    “Robustness Testing of ONOS”
  • Kamila Hasanbega (BSc 2018)
    “Robustness of Automated Software Updates of Browsers”
  • Samuel Simbarashe Ngwarai (BSc 2018)
    “Robustness of Automated Software Updates of Operating Systems”
  • Felix Schmoll (BSc 2017)
    “On the Resilience of Software-Defined Network Controllers”
  • Ozan Kaya (BSc 2017)
    “Comparison of IPv6 and IPv4 Geolocation Accuracy”
  • Leonhard Kuboschek (BSc 2017)
    “Effect of Content Delivery Networks on Measured IPv6 Adoption”
  • Inti Gabriel Mendoza Estrada (BSc 2017)
    “QUIC – an Experimental Analysis and Comparison Against TCP”
  • Annu Thappa (BSc 2016)
    “Extending OpenDaylight to Communicate with LMAP Agents”
  • Nicholas Matthew Lee (BSc 2016)
    “A Big Data DNS Analysis: IPv6 Email Readiness, Caching Behavior, and Host Identification”
  • Otar Bichiashvili (BSc 2015)
    “Large-scale TCP Throughput Performance Measurement over IPv4 and IPv6”
  • Vlad Ungureanu (BSc 2015)
    “Large-Scale Measurement Platforms (LMAP) Protocol Implementation”
  • Victoria Beleuta, Jacobs University (BSc 2014)
    “Generation of Test Cases from YANG Data Models”
  • Durim Morina, Jacobs University (BSc 2013)
    “NFQL Front-End Parser”
  • Boris Espinoza-Kalchev, Jacobs University (BSc 2012)
    “Last-mile IPv6 Teredo Tunneling Performance Evaluation”
  • Prashant Vaibhav, Jacobs University (BSc 2012)
    “Porting the BSD net80211 wireless stack to the Mac OS X kernel”
  • Plamen Sashev Dimitrov, Jacobs University (BSc 2011)
    “TCP Congestion Control Measurements”
  • Johannes Schauer, Jacobs University (BSc 2011)
    “Flowy 2.0: Fast Execution of Stream-based IP Flow Queries”
  • Aleksandar Siljanovski, Jacobs University (BSc 2011)
    “Multicast DNS on Resource Constrained Devices in Low-power Lossy IPv6 Networks”
  • Peter Nemeth, Jacobs University (BSc 2010)
    “Flowy Improvements using Map/Reduce”
  • Vladislav Perelman, Jacobs University (BSc 2010)
    “Flow Signatures of Popular Applications”
  • Shikhar Bhushan, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “A Python Module for NETCONF Clients”
  • Rahul Jain, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “Linux Integration of an IEEE 80.15.4 Transceiver”
  • Kevin Korte, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “Evaluation of 6lowpan Implementations”
  • Yassine Lamrani, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “Linux Driver for an IEEE 802.15.4 Chipset”
  • Krenar Muhidini, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “Securing Wireless Sensor Networks”
  • Semir Elezovic, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “Multi-Touch User Interfaces”
  • Dimitar Nedev, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “FS20 Hardware Interface for MicaZ Motes”
  • Ivan Stefanov, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “FS20 / SNMP Gateway on TinyOS”
  • Vassil Stefanov, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “Mesh Routing for IPv6 over 802.15.4 on TinyOS”
  • Elchin Asgarov, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “Implementation and Evaluation of SSH Session Resumption”
    (paper appeared in IFIP/IEEE IM 2008)
  • Mihai Cretu, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “Session Resumption for the Secure Shell Protocol”
    (paper appeared in IFIP/IEEE IM 2008)
  • Vladimir Iliev, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “Mesh Routing for Low-Power Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks Using LOAD”
  • Iliyan Zarov, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “Mesh Routing for Low-Power Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks Using DYMO-low”
  • Alexandru Stan, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “Porting the Core of the Contiki operating system to the TelosB and MicaZ platforms”
  • Adrian Djokic, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “MICAz and TelosB Sensor Device Driver Port to Contiki”
  • Kaloyan Kanev, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “SMIng Language Parser For Libsmi”
  • Vladislav Marinov, Jacobs University (BSc 2006)
    “Implementation and Evaluation of the Secure Shell (SSH) Security Model for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)”
    (paper appeared in IFIP/IEEE DSOM 2006 and IEEE TNSM 2011)
  • Veddad Zahiragic, Jacobs University (BSc 2006)
    “A Survey of the State of the Art in the Application of Reasoning Techniques for Network Configuration Management”
  • Arnav Ghai, Jacobs University (BSc 2005)
    “Using Reputation for Trust Generation in Network Management”
  • Matus Harvan, Jacobs University (BSc 2005)
    “Prefix- and Lexicographical-order-preserving IP Address Anonymization”
    (paper appeared in IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2006)
  • Catalin Ciocov, Jacobs University (BSc 2004)
    “NETCONF - Design and Implementation of a Prototype”

Habilitation Students (Committee Member)

  • Robert Koch, Universität der Bundeswehr (2017)
    “A Framework for Smart Network Defence”